Personalized Volleyball Stamped Necklace w/ I Love Volleyball Charm & Swarovski Team Colors



This listing is for one personalized hand stamped necklace that has a silver plated volleyball charm and a Swarovski crystal bead team colors on it. The aluminum pendant is one inch round. Aluminum will not tarnish and has the look of silver but much more affordable and is hypoallergenic. Aluminum is very light weight. Please leave me a message at checkout with what length chain you would like from 16, 18 or, 20 inches. If you don't leave me a message it will come on a 18 inch chain. Also, please choose what color Swarovski beads and type the name that you want me to stamp on it. The piece pictured is a representation of that your piece will look like. Each letter and design is individually stamped by hand, and as such every piece I make is slightly different. This includes the spacing and depth of each stamp. This does not make your item imperfect, but rather lends to it's unique, handmade nature, and ensures that your piece is one of a kind. It is hand stamped so it won't be perfect but it will not look like a machine stamped it. It is a handmade work of art. I cannot stamp on the back of any piece. It will show through to the other side, ruining any stamping on the front. If you have any questions please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for looking! Take care.